Discover : Nostalgia Collection Powerpoint Template Bundle


Discovring Nostalgia Collection Powerpoint Template Bundle

On this post, we are discovring one of the best PowerPoint Templates in 2017, Nostalgia Collection Powerpoint Template Bundle from 83MUNKIS having more than 136 purchases on Enevato Market !

1. Review

Title : Nostalgia Collection Powerpoint Template Bundle

Type : presentation-templates/powerpoint-templates/creative

Designer : 83MUNKIS

Publishing date : 2014-02-06T22:59:09Z and updated at 2016-05-27T15:15:33Z

Price : 35 $

Sales : 136

Review & Rating : 5

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2. Description

Nostalgia Collection Powerpoint Bundle
Express your vintage aesthetic with The Nostalgia Powerpoint Collection, a retro styled PPT template bundle containing three unique designs with easily customizable presentations from 83MUNKIS – Vintage Photo Album, Alchemist and Kraftpaper.

Great for eBooks, business decks slidedocs and creative presentations, these professionally designed Powerpoint templates are fully customizable and simple to use. Each set of designs comes with:

  • one-of-a-kind custom infographics
  • hand made background textures
  • tons of elegant master slides
  • complete theme and template files
  • and many other powerful tools to help you tell a compelling, memorable story.

Vintage Photo Album
This easy to use set of Powerpoint Presentation Templates comes with two unique versions of vintage photo albums. Quickly insert your photos and create a fun and exciting album of your favorite images. Create convincing nostalgically styled scrapbooks you can share digitally with your friends, colleagues and family.

The 1970’s style is perfect to use with your photos taken with vintage camera apps available for iPad and iPhone – including Tilt Shift Generator, Hipstamatic and Instagram. The Antique Black style is a great way to compile either real antique or vintage style photos you have created yourself.

Whether you choose to use the Antique Black or Vintage Dots version, with both templates you can quickly and simply insert your shots, add captions in a hand written style and you are ready to share your photos with the world. It’s also a great gift to give your friends and family.

This template set includes the following features:

  • 2 distinct album styles – antique black and vintage 1970’s dots
  • .PPTX, .PPT, .POTX, .POT and .THMX layouts in full HD scale
  • 30 unique master pages
  • 4 different cover pages and typographic styles to mix-and-match
  • 7 custom photo frame styles included as transparent .pngs
  • cool pre-styled charts designed to coordinate with the 2 design styles
  • 3 master pages designed just for text so you can use the design for many different kinds of presentations
  • clearly written help guide as .pdf
  • uses the free fonts:
    Parisian –
    Amatic SC –
    Good Foot –
    Hominis –
    Ostrich Sans –
    Lewis Carroll –

All photos shown in the samples are for descriptive use only. Aside from the custom frames, there are no personal photographs included in this kit.

Just want the Vintage Photo Album Powerpoint template? You can get it here

Give life and personality to your content with the Kraft Paper Presentation Template for Powerpoint. Great for digital eBooks, business decks and creative agency presentations, these 48 hand crafted, high definition master slides have been specifically designed with a retro style updated for modern day information about social media, digital content and user statistics.

With this highly customizable template you can insert your favorite icons from the selection of over 420 free font based styles, define your own color themes and adjust the layouts to suit your story. Or simply insert your text, images and data in just minutes you’ll be ready to crush it with your professionally designed presentation.

This template set includes the following features:

  • 288 high definition master slides
  • 6 .pptx, .ppt, .potx, .pot and .thmx files
  • 6 fully editable color systems
  • 48 unique custom screen designs
  • Over 110 custom made icons as separate .png files
  • 12 photo gallery layouts
  • 22 hand made infographic charts
  • 3 light and 3 dark layouts for all lighting situations
  • Easily editable automatic data charts
  • Placeholders for images and embedded video
  • Extensive getting started guide
  • Uses these free fonts:

    Langdon –
    Nevis Bold –
    Lato Regular –

Check out the demo video:

The sample screens for Kraft Paper were made particularly inspiring with the help of the following images, all available through PhotoDune. Photographs and Responsive Web Screens featured in the sample screens are not included with the templates. :


Just want the Kraftpaper Powerpoint template? You can get it here

Transform you ideas and images into a stunning presentation with the Alchemist Powerpoint Presentation Templates. Easy, elegant and social, this design system adds a touch of old world magic to your contemporary ideas. Choose from three hand made backgrounds – Dusty Chalkboard, Warm Aged Paper or Midnight Blue Watercolor, each embellished with custom frames and hand lettering – then add your own custom touch with vintage photo frames tons of other easy graphic extras.

This template set includes the following features:

  • 30 master slides
  • 3 .pptx, .ppt .potx, .pot files
  • 3 .thmx files
  • 3 background textures – Dusty Chalkboard, Craft Paper & Midnight Blue Watercolor
  • Over 100 extra icons and graphics as separate .png files
  • 5 custom photographic frames
  • 35 hand made frames and lines graphics
  • Pre-styled automatic charts
  • Placeholders for images and embedded video
  • Extensive getting started guide with useful tips for using the template in live presentations
  • Uses the free fonts:
    Amatic SC –
    Landliebe –

Photographs featured in the sample screens are not included with the templates. Some of the featured portrait photographs are available from PhotoDune by andresrphotos. These include:


Just want the Alchemist Powerpoint Template Kit? You can get it right here

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