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Discovring Premium Cloud

On this post, we are discovring one of the best PowerPoint Templates in 2017, Premium Cloud from DesignSmash having more than 1003 purchases on Enevato Market !

1. Review

Title : Premium Cloud

Type : presentation-templates/powerpoint-templates/business

Designer : DesignSmash

Publishing date : 2014-09-30T16:15:05Z and updated at 2017-03-08T07:14:25Z

Price : 20 $

Sales : 1003

Review & Rating : 4.93

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2. Description

Introducing Premium Cloud

Sleek, uncluttered templates loaded with charts, graphs, maps and infographics. Templates ideal for social media, non-profit, tech, advertising, new media, web or mobile, venture capital, creative, or general business. Created with full vector objects to allow for easy recoloring and rebranding. Over 160 unique layouts – each file is ~340 slides. 6 templates with dark, light and colorful background color schemes for a total of 18. Altogether over 8,000 slides! Unlimited custom color schemes easily created. Fully animated and functional. Tons of functional, powerful layouts, proven to work in the real world. Strong contrast so it looks good on screen or projected.

  • Both widescreen (16×9 HD) and 4×3
  • PPT and PPTX
  • Crisp, functional animations, easily customized
  • Easily Editable Slides
  • 6 Color schemes with light, dark and color backgrounds
  • 160+ unique layouts
  • Over 8000 slides. (Yes, that’s 3 zeroes on the end)
  • Over 140 custom illustrated icons. All files created in illustrator are already imported into PowerPoint and are easily recolored!
  • Multiple divider slides
  • Links to photos used in presentation, and download links for fonts included in documentation
  • Extensive use of custom placeholders and smart art – just drag and drop
  • Dozens of data-driven charts
  • Dozens of easily editable infographics
  • Dozens of maps can be easily recolored or animated
  • Many master slides, proven to be highly useful in real-world presentations
  • Full HD and Retina-ready
  • Concise, well-written documentation

Premium Cloud isn’t just a bunch of slides created without any thought or purpose. Each slide is proven useful in real-world presentations.

Win business and change minds with Premium Cloud.



Is it really over 8,000 slides?

Yes it is. Actually it’s 8144 slides, to be precise. Here’s how we got that many: There are 6 templates, each about 340 slides (a couple are a little more or a little less), with dark and light versions of each slide. There is a bright color background for each template as well. Each set of templates is over 2,000 slides, and there are widescreen and 4×3 versions in both PPT and PPTX. All together, you get 8144 slides! The foundation is over 160 unique layouts taken from real-world, winning presentations. There are 140 unique vector icons that are easily recolored, and lots of useful master slides to create anything you might want. So, yeah. Lots of slides.

Can I customize the colors?

Yes! This is at the heart of the design and it’s easy to do. Graphics are created with vector objects which can be scaled, recolored and edited with no loss of fidelity. They look great on screen, print great and make for a smaller file size too.

Do I need custom fonts?

We use the Lato family of fonts, which is FREE! You can download it here. Envato policy does not permit me to include the fonts in the files you download, but it’s super easy to just click on the link and download the fonts.

What about the pictures you are using?

Many of these are also free, and a couple cost just a very small amount. Envato policy does not permit me to include any images (even the free ones) in the download, but links to all the images are included in the documentation and it’s easy to download them and put them in your presentation. As a creative director at a major Ad Agency (I’m not allowed to say which) I have access to a pretty large (and expensive!) library of stock photography, which would cost you a fortune to download. So I looked online to find free stuff that looks good that can save you money.

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