Discover : Unicorn Startup Pitch Deck


Discovring Unicorn Startup Pitch Deck

On this post, we are discovring one of the best PowerPoint Templates in 2018, Unicorn Startup Pitch Deck from tabbii having more than 1214 purchases on Enevato Market !

1. Review

Title : Unicorn Startup Pitch Deck

Type : presentation-templates/powerpoint-templates/pitch-deck

Designer : tabbii

Publishing date : 2016-04-27T19:34:40+10:00 and updated at 2018-08-19T18:11:05+10:00

Price : 15 $

Sales : 1214

Review & Rating : 5

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2. Description

Secure Funding for Your Unicorn Startup

Impress investors with your unicorn idea by using this clean and modern pitch deck PowerPoint. Your startup’s pitch deck is the first impression you make on potential investors. Getting your message to them in an uncluttered and beautiful design will help you secure a meeting with them.

This PowerPoint is structured to maximize your success for funding from angel investors and venture capitalists. It follows the pitch deck guidelines set out by one of silicon valley’s top venture capital firm Sequoia Capital, that invested in Apple, Google, Paypal, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

Sequoia Pitch Deck Guidelines

  • Company purpose – Define the company/business in a single declarative sentence.
  • Problem – Describe the pain of the customer (or the customer’s customer). – Outline how the customer addresses the issue today.
  • Solution – Demonstrate your company’s value proposition to make the customer’s life better. – Show where your product physically sits. – Provide use cases.
  • Why now – Set up the historical evolution of your category. – Define recent trends that make your solution possible.
  • Market size – Identify/profile the customer you cater to. – Calculate the TAM (top down), SAM (bottoms up), and SOM.
  • Competition – List competitors – List competitive advantages
  • Product – Product line-up (form factor, functionality, features, architecture, intellectual property). – Development roadmap
  • Business model – Revenue model – Pricing – Average account size and/or lifetime value – Sales and distribution model – Customer/pipeline list
  • Team – Founders and management – Board of Directors/Board of Advisors
  • Financials – P&L – Balance sheet – Cash flow – Cap table – The deal


  • 32 Unique Slides
  • 4 Color Options
  • Total of 120+ slides
  • Easily Editable
  • Image Placeholder Ready
  • 16:9 HD
  • Help file

Presentation Updates

Unicorn Pitch Deck v1.0 (April 2016)

First version released

Unicorn Pitch Deck v1.1 (October 2017)

Updated help file

Unicorn Pitch Deck v1.2 (August 2018)

Updated for gradient transparency issues for newer versions of Office (Office 365/2016)

Support & Notes

  • Stock photos are not included, but the help file contains detailed instructions on how to obtain them and also how to put a gradient overlay on them as seen in the preview
  • Questions? You can contact me through the graphicriver contact form

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